About us

Our Aim

SIHM – Swiss Institute for Higher Management was founded in 2008 with the aim of providing students the highest quality training and the most current information on Entrepreneurship and Management. The goal is for them to create business network and improve business opportunities, to produce added value for individuals and organizations and to provide true job satisfaction.
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Our profile

SIHM is a Private Intensive Management Training Institute registered in Switzerland.

SIHM is a recognized Institute in application of the Swiss Immigration Law (Articles 24 OASA) relative to Visa Requirements and Resident Permit for Foreign Students who wish to study in Switzerland.

​SIHM is committed to train students on setting up Private Enterprises as well as preserving and strengthening the existing ones, in particular, in the Hospitality and Banking Industries. 

SIHM has one of the most highly regarded and competent Collaborators capable of meeting the challenges of the Market System. 

In addition to our regular full-time Trainers, we call upon external Consultants when necessary on a part-time basis depending upon the requirements of the program.

Faculty Members are not only dedicated Teachers, but they are also Specialists in their fields and active consultants in their areas of expertise. They offer a blend of academic excellence, rigorous scholarship, real-world relevance, and practical application that provides trainees with unparalleled opportunities to expand their horizons.

Faculty Members present topics in a variety of ways, including Lectures, Projects, Case Studies, Small Group Discussions, Audiovisual Aids, and Visit to Enterprises.

Our Belief

We are convinced that our programs will motivate young people to create activities or to improve existing ones and will lead to the creation of employment opportunities, produce added value to the rapidly developing economic sectors, the hospitality and tourism oriented industries.

In addition to these basic beliefs, we are guided by a set of fundamental principles in the accomplishment of our objectives.

Our Commitment

We are committed to provide a complete management training package to young people from all works of life, particularly the educated unemployed, as well as University and Technical school graduates who wish to establish and run their own companies (i.e. owner-managers). 

Our equal Opportunity Policy

We strive to offer students equal opportunity to access our programs disregarding race, religion, sex, family, cultural background or skill by combining operational activities in the industry with liberal arts curriculum.

This combination will help them develop a high level of self-discipline, self- confidence and independence, enabling them to become Responsible Owners and Managers of Enterprises. 

Our Values

We are determined to offer quality service in all our training programs as well as in our relationship towards our students, customers, partners and amongst each individual at SIHM, based on friendliness, honesty, reliability and correct appearance.