Programme mondial d'entrepreneuriat


Bachelor Degree or at least two years’ professional experience in an enterprise

  • Swiss and European Company Law

  • Globalization & SMEs

  • Financial Plan and Management

  • Financing of Exports

  • Risk Management & Insurance

  • Strategic Management

  • Marketing Project

  • Enterprise Creation Business Plan

  • Experience sharing with successful Entrepreneurs in Switzerland and Europe

  • Excursions, Professional visits to the Swiss Chambers of Commerce, Swiss Banks and the Bank for International Settlement in Basel, Switzerland and Practical applications


1 Year: 6 Months Academic Studies + 6 Months Professional Internship


Semesters: January, April, September


12 Students


60 SIHM Credits 


SIHM Post-Graduate Degree (PGD in Enterprise Creation)


CHF 19’500.- (include: non-refundable registration and administrative fees).

The Tuition Fees do not include the costs of living in Switzerland which must be paid separately, for example: Health Insurance (it is obligatory according to the Swiss Law art. 10 OAMal du 18.03.1994), Accommodation etc.

Afin d’assurer la qualité de ce programme, celui-ci peut être mis à jour et adapté à tout moment. Les exigences et les frais d’écolage peuvent aussi être adaptés. Tout changement sera notifié au moment opportun et dans les plus brefs délais.