Language Passport

What is fide?

fide is the acronym for “Français, Italiano, Deutsch ” and represents the Swiss Federal program for the promotion of linguistic integration

According to the new immigration law which came into force on January 1, 2019, anyone wishing to obtain a residence or establishment permit must demonstrate language skills in at least one of the Swiss national languages.

To implement this new law, the Federal Government has set the conditions for the linguistic competence required by migrants to obtain an authorization.

This authorization can be obtained by attending training modules recognized by fide.

Fide Language Passport

Designed by the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) and recognized nationally, it certifies the level of linguistic competence a migrant must acquire in order to obtain an authorization.

Level of French for my permit

Language proficiency levels:

Residence and establishment permits

Level A1 in oral is required for the residence permit (B).

Level A2 in oral and level A1 in written for the establishment permit (C).


Family reunion

Level A1 in oral for the extension of a residence permit (B).

Level A2 in oral and A1 in written for the establishment permit (C).


Acquisition of Swiss nationality

Level B1 in oral and A2 in written.


Language Tests for Integration in Switzerland

It is recognized throughout Switzerland and makes it possible to obtain residence and establishment permits as well as the acquisition of citizenship.

It is suitable for people with different training levels. It allows you to take the written and oral Tests in different language levels.

What is SIHM?

SIHM is the abbreviation for Swiss Institute for Higher Management. It is a training Institute in the fields of business creation: hospitality outlets, banking and finance established in Vevey since 2008.


SIHM conducts language courses for people who want to take the test Fide.


SIHM is certified


It is an official Fide Examination Center.


Benefits of SIHM Courses

  • 12 years experience in adult training
  • Competent and experienced trainers •
  • Small classes (Private lessons and Group classes offered)
  • Opportunity to meet new people
  •  Experience the Swiss multicultural lifestyle
  • Legal advice to migrants
  • Beautiful view of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alpes


Registration and Admission

You can submit your request for Fide Examination by email or contact us directly by phone.

You can also register for your course.
A confirmation email will be sent to you.

We offer you one period Free Evaluation Test.


Duration of Fide Examination

Oral Exam: 40 minutes

Written Exam: 60 minutes


Examination fees

Complete Exam: CHF 250

Oral Exam Only: CHF 170

Written Exam Only: CHF 120