Acquire knowledge and skills in Hospitality Management while enjoying your stay in Switzerland


Our tailor-made Hospitality Management Program will provide you knowledge of Human Resources, Material and Financial Resources Management and you will develop Practical Skills in Switzerland.



The Hospitality Management program leads to professional opportunities in Switzerland and abroad in:

  • Hotels

  • Management institutions

  • Insurance

  • Managers and Supervisors positions


For the Hospitality Management Programs, one academic year at SIHM consists of two semesters of 6 months each:

SIHM offers a limited number of scholarships every year to students who make the request at the time of their application.

In order to be awarded a scholarship, the Applicant must make a written request indicating the reasons for applying for the SIHM program and scholarship.


All our programs are supplemented by Excursions, In-door / Out-door Sports as well as paid professional Internships in hotels in Switzerland for a period not less than 6 Months.