Hospitality: 4th Year

Bachelor Degree or at least two years of professional experience

  • Tourism: Products & Services

  • Casino Operations Management

  • Human Geography: Culture & Society

  • Human Resources Management Project

  • Business Communication

  • Macro-Economics

  • Strategic Management II

  • International Business Law

  • Enterprise Creation Project

  • Languages: French / English / German / Chinese (option)

1 Year: 6 Months Academic Studies + 6 Months Professional Internship

Semesters: January, April, September

12 Students

Lectures, Discussions, Evaluation Exercises

60 SIHM Credits 

SIHM Post-Graduate Degree (PGD in International Hospitality Management)

CHF 20'500.- (include: School fees, insurance, non-refundable registration and administrative fees).

The Tuition Fees do not include the costs of living in Switzerland which must be paid separately, for example: Accommodation, food, etc.

To ensure that students get the highest quality training and the most current information, this program is regularly up-dated and revised. The curriculum requirements and fees are also subject to change. Any changes will be notified at the earliest possible time.