Hospitality: 4th Year

Bachelor Degree or at least two years of professional experience

  • Tourism: Products & Services

  • Casino Operations Management

  • Human Geography: Culture & Society

  • Human Resources Management Project

  • Business Communication

  • Macro-Economics

  • Strategic Management II

  • International Business Law

  • Enterprise Creation Project

  • Languages: French / English / German / Chinese (option)

1 Year: 6 Months Academic Studies + 6 Months Professional Internship

Semesters: January, April, September

12 Students

Lectures, Discussions, Evaluation Exercises

60 SIHM Credits 

SIHM Post-Graduate Degree (PGD in International Hospitality Management)

CHF 19'500.- (include: non-refundable registration and administrative fees).

The Tuition Fees do not include the costs of living in Switzerland which must be paid separately, for example: Health Insurance (it is obligatory according to the Swiss Law art. 10 OAMal du 18.03.1994), Accommodation etc.

To ensure that students get the highest quality training and the most current information, this program is regularly up-dated and revised. The curriculum requirements and fees are also subject to change. Any changes will be notified at the earliest possible time.